Speed Climbing Lover’s Leap

By June 7, 2019 No Comments
man in blue shirt scaling a rock wall

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware that Bear’s Reach on Lover’s Leap has become something of a regular route for free solo speed climbing. Dan Osman famously set the bar with Alex Honnold breaking the record more recently with a fitting tribute to Osman. Check out the videos of these climbs below!



Lover’s Leap Guides owner/operator, M. “Petch” Pietrolungo, has been climbing since 1989, started guiding in 1996, and is certified by the American Mountain Guide Association(AMGA) as a Rock Instructor. He has also climbed on routes rated up to 5.13 and has been featured in Climbing Magazine and the Rock Climbing Lake Tahoe Guide Book. As a contributing member of the community, Petch has volunteered his time with various organizations such as American Safe Climbing Association, The Access Fund, and the US Forest Service to reduce impact and increase safety in the Lover’s Leap rock climbing area. He has established over 50 first ascents, 30 of which are at Lover’s Leap in traditional style.